metal additive layer manufactoring company

We are a young company in metal 3d printing with production in Switzerland and engeneering in United Kingdom, we offer a variety of compotences 

  • Inspire innovation through Engineering & Design simulation and new AM manufacturing technologies.
  • Replicate and miniaturize existing artpices with outstanding quality.
  • Help our Clients to build faster and better design.
  • Improve product performance.


    Concept If you have an idea in mind, finding the right designer is essential. They will help you explore, develop and refine your idea further as well as think through the different components involved in the making.
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    Sample Making Even the simplest of ideas often need to be tested to make sure all components and design specifications are functional and harmonious in design. A sample is a prototype of your idea. Usually samples are made by hand by a master craftsman in order to create a perfect sample for future production. For this reason often samples are charged at a different rate to production. A spec is a blueprint of the design listing all materials used throughout the design in order to ensure consistency of future production.
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    Tooling To produce products in volume at a fast rate and reasonable cost, a tooling will need to be created. Tooling depends on the product type and minimums. Costs for these will vary accordingly.
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25 Clients

45 Projects

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